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21 de septiembre de 2016
Real-World Examples

Norway’s capital, Oslo, was one of the first cities to deploy a large-scale intelligent, open standards-based outdoor lighting network built on Echelon technology. Data from traffic and weather sensors and an internal astronomical clock are used to automatically dim some street lights, thus reducing energy use by 62%, extending lamp life, and lowering replacement costs.

Elsewhere in Norway, Øvre Eiker, famous as the site of the first major Viking gold find, installed a dynamic outdoor lighting system with Echelon PLC transceivers and SmartServer segment controller that reduced street light energy use by 45%, cut maintenance costs by 35%, reduced CO2 emissions, and helped meet EU directives.

After installing electronic dimmable ballasts and enhanced fixtures controlled by Echelon technology, the densely populated Chinese cities of Dongguan and Shenzhen saved an average of 52% in energy costs, identified cable theft, and reduced the number of maintenance people.

Using Echelon’s SmartServer and LonWorks-based power line technology, Ville de Québec saved 30% in energy use, reduced maintenance and inventory costs, increased public safety, and beautified the city’s historical district.

Dublin completed a successful project replacing 1,300 light points with electronic dimmable ballasts controlled by Echelon light point controllers, iLON segment controllers, and CMS cloud-based software. With average energy savings of 35%, Dublin approved the solution for the rest of the city.

In a Jakarta trial by Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy (MOE) Research and Development Agency, more efficient street light lamps combined with dimming and scheduling capabilities from Echelon open-systems control technologies yielded 59% in energy savings. Plus, Jakarta was able to detect electricity theft and reduce maintenance and operational logistics of their outdoor lighting system.

The City of Paris replaced 80,000 light fixtures with an Echelon-based multivendor, open system. In addition to saving 35% in both energy and capital expenses, Paris is using its citywide lighting network as the basis for developing Smart City applications. In Sénart en Essonne, a four-city area 35 km south of Paris, an Echelon-based outdoor lighting system has helped reduce the area’s operating budget and maintenance costs while increasing road safety.

A state-of-the-art outdoor lighting system controlled by Echelon technology provides Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh and Mecca with real-time outdoor lighting control. Now, the cities can remotely turn lights on and off, adjust their intensity through automatic programming or sensors, detect energy leakage or possible cable cuts, and receive an alarm for any unauthorized opening of a power supply cabinet door.

Milton Keynes, 45 miles northwest of London, modernized its outdoor lighting network by installing smart electronic ballasts and enterprise monitoring software running on Echelon’s open, extensible architecture. The city’s lower-wattage street lights—paired with Echelon’s control network and various sensors—allow lamps to adjust illumination automatically for longer life and less light pollution, cast higher quality light, and help the city satisfy various EU and worldwide directives to reduce energy usage.

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